April 2, 2011

A Slight Change in the Forecast - Kuwait 2011

I haven't posted much about Kuwait (anything?). I will eventually when the mood hits me.

However, sometimes an event happens that is too weird to pass up. Such is the case with my usually non-eventful 5k run along Gulf Road.

At first it seemed amazing and exciting.


Then it slowly changes to "What have I gotten myself into?"

Then it becomes surreal.

And then the last hour is a slog through brown thick soup walking a kilometer back to my car, barely able to see a meter ahead of me, my eyes burning and watering from the sand, and thinking that I might collapse and be buried under a dune....to be found a few months later, I suppose.

Ah, don't worry. I made it out alive. Three days later I was still digging mud out of my ears.