November 26, 2010

Peace Corps Moment – 8-Legged Wonder (Part 4 – Honey, I’m Home!) – Sri Lanka 1997

I walk into the bathroom and immediately say hello to my little friend on the wall above the toilet. Fine. I can wait to pee until the monster’s gone. Yet, I pause for a second, because it looks a little different. Smaller? Thinner? A lighter color?

I step closer – yes, I’m thinking this is a trap, too – and then I see something that catches me by surprise. Is that a dust ball? No. Maybe a wad of cotton? No… ah, now I see. It’s a large white, silk-enwrapped egg sac nestled under its short mandibles. Babies! Well, soon-to-be baby spiders. I’m amazed and horrified at the same time; the cavalry is coming, but it ain’t for me.

Then, from the upper ledge comes a movement. Oh, I see. It’s all clear now.

(thank you internet for another
perfect image of my past life)
The original monster of the bathroom appears in “his” regular size and weight and color. It’s his wifey I was staring at, taking care of the young’uns. It’s now a family affair.

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